Initial Certification

Initial Training & Certification

Beginning on March 1, 2006, installer and maintenance provider certification is required to obtain a license. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has an inter-agency agreement with Chemeketa Community College to provide a program to train and certify onsite system installers and maintenance providers.

To re-certify, Installers and Maintenance Providers must submit proof of completion of approved CEU’s to Chemeketa with a fee. Chemeketa will issue a new laminated certification card with a new certification number and expiration date. Installer and Maintenance providers who do not receive re-certification within three years of their most recent certification are no longer eligible to perform construction, installation, repair or perform maintenance of onsite systems.

Contact Chemeketa Community College with dates for the upcoming classes and any questions regarding your certification.


Email Chemeketa Community College or call 503.399.5181