Member Spotlight

Larry O’Connor, RepCo Sales Agency

What do I do in the onsite industry?  I am a manufacturers’ representative servicing the onsite and wastewater industry.  I have several manufacturers that provide pumps, basins, filters, risers, lids, floats and alarms as well as several other components that are used in this industry.

What do I value in the people I work with?  I value all the people I work with especially their integrity, friendship, vast industry knowledge and experience.  I find that I learn constantly about the products I represent especially when I can talk with installers either on the job site or at meetings and O2WA conferences.

Who is my most influential role model?  As far as the industry is concerned, I would have to say that Mike Hamer was my most influential role model. Mike was a self-taught industry titan as far as I am concerned. He was always open to opportunities, drove himself to learn about new technologies as well as staying in compliance with the Oregon DEQ.  He was very active in the O2WA and is remembered for handling the scholarship auction for many years.  Mike always had a big smile and he was eager to share his knowledge and experience with anyone he ran across.  His daughter Lisette will call me on occasion and I get a warm feeling when his name shows up on my caller ID.  I miss Mike but am grateful for all the time I had knowing him.  I attended his outdoor funeral service along with about 250 of his closest Harley friends, it was a testament to how much he touched the lives of so many people.

What was my proudest accomplishment?  There is no doubt that my proudest accomplishment was marrying my wife Julie and having three terrific children, (now young adults) who are all having successful careers of their own. James works with me at RepCo Sales Agency, Kelsey is a clothing store manager and Kathleen is a nurse (RN) and works the night shift in the ER.  They have also been past recipients of the scholarship awards from the O2WA.

I joined O2WA to learn more about the industry.  What I found was a consortium of professional installers, regulators, wholesale salespeople and design engineers that all work together to make the industry better.  Everyone it seems has a genuine interest in helping the association provide more value to its members.  In the process discussion are had, decisions are made,  laughs ensue and friendships are made.